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Cabling with Fortabyte Cyber Solutions

FCS cabling division has the expertise and experience to handle virtually any type and size of cabling project for a very large office building to a few extra drops.

Project Management:

The secret to a great cabling project is great project management. Sometimes overlooked and then sorely missed is the proper design of the project prior to pulling the first cable. Cable design includes MDF and IDF placement, size and facility also type of cable to be used, number of drops, placement for wireless connection, etc. Once designed correctly, the correct components need to be selected, Cat5e vs. Cat6, metal vs. plastic, wall rack vs. floor rate and so on. Each project is unique and there is no standard answer.

Cable Types:

FCS is expert in helping its client select the correct solution and then expertly installing the cable. FCS works with all types of fiber (single mode, multi-mode, 50um, 62.5um, armor, plenum, multi-stand, etc.) We understand what the most cost-effective correct fiber solution is. FCS is also expert in working with CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6+ and coaxial cable. We strictly adhere to the IEEE standards and best practices.


All FCS cable projects, no matter how small, are guaranteed to be done right with the right materials. We warranty all labor and material for one year and will repair or replace without question or cost.