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Computers with Friedman Computer Solutions, Inc.
Computers and Components

FCS carries the following quality computers and printers. All computer components purchased from FCS include a guarantee that they are the correct product for the job and all warranty repair or replacement service will be performed without cost for the duration of the warranty.

PCs and Laptops

Lenovo: Thinkpads and Thinkcentre:

Lenovo's ThinkPad notebook and ThinkCentre PC bring sleeker design and more functionality to its traditionally solid business devices. Its rock-solid egineering give you fast performance at reducednoise leves, as well as reduced startup and shut down times. Lonovo's is built to meet the challenges facing organizations today and tomorrow, it gives you the performance you need.

Dell: PCs and laptops

From its business-savvy Latitude laptops to its powerhouse XPS models and Alienware desktops, Dell has made its mark on the PC landscape. Dells PCs and laptops offer a combination of design and perfornace, everyday esentials, ultra mobility and space saving, which lets schools, businesses and non-profit achieve the most success. Dell empowers countries, communities, customers and people everywhere to use technology to realize their dreams.

HP: PCs and laptops

HP offers a broad family of laptops, notebook computers, netbooks desktop computers to suit each customer's need, whether for home office, business, or entertainment use. For any kind of lifestyle, at home or the office, HP delivers an outstanding choice of laptops and notebook computers to suit your needs.For small to large business customers, we offer a range of business desktop computers, workstation computers, POS systems and thin clients.

Asus: PCs and laptops

From its sleek appearance to its wealth of features, Asus is designed to be the affordable portable computing companion of students and professionals. Asus offers both PCs and laptops which allow the user

Tablets and Thin Clients


Wyse thin clients are compact, energy efficient and productive desktops with all the dynamic user-experience of a PC- without the day-to-day complexities and risks associated with one. It offers fast start-up with hight performance, while saving space and saving energy.


Asus provided no word of any customizations to the user interface on the tablet's Windows 7 operating system. On the other hand, given the precision provided by pen input and the device's large screen, it's possible none were deemed necessary.


Samsung thin client monitors combine a premium quality monitor with a built in thin client, offering cost savings, simpler maintenance and support. Samsung offers an ideal basis for future data processing. Their premium performance is more than a match for modern PC monitors. They are managed, maintained, and controlled from the central server, and therefore more reliable and more secure. This reduces cost of everyday maintenance and minimises the usual PC hassles.


Like all NComputing access terminals, the new NComputing Devices dramatically cut computing costs by sharing the untapped power of standard PCs. Best of all, FCS IT staff have professional training to integrate NComputing solutions. NComputing solutions are easy to manage, eco-friendly and compatible with standard PC applications.



FCS provides HP Printers and support for business, schools and non-profit. HP's innovate technologies offer Fewer replacement parts, Zero cleaning requirements, Simpler troubleshooting, Energy efficiency, Superior print quality. And, with advanced power-saving features and efficiency controls, HP LaserJet printers can save you money and time.


Ricoh offers a complete line of network-capable printers that print in black & white, color, or both. Ricoh multifunction printers offer scanning, fax and copier options as well as advanced finishing capabilities. From small offices to centralized production printing environments, Ricoh printers enhance your productivity.


The Lexmark Color and Black & White Inkjet Printer delivers professional performance! Print and share the Lexmark Printer from virtually anywhere in your office. FCS technicians and skilled to provide Lexmark solutions to Small & Large Businesses, Non-profit and Educational facilities.


Canon is offers several printer models, supplying the needs of all office sizes. It offers the functionality and technology for schools and businesses need for high-quality output.