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Networking with Friedman Computer Solutions, Inc.

FCS has been providing secure, reliable and fast IP network infrastructure since its beginning. FCS engineers have been trained in HP and Cisco switch design and configuration. FCS engineers have been trained in Cisco and Sonicwall security appliances and Cisco and Adtran routers. All FCS engineers that design, install and configure network equipment have passed certification tests and have many years of experience with state of the art networking systems.


FCS is proud to offer the full line of Cisco Catalyst and Small Business Pro switches and the cost effective HP Procurve line. From the low end 100baseT managed switches to high end gigabit, 10 gig, PoE and multilayer switches, FCS can select the correct switch for each client's needs and properly configure them to obtain the best performance and reliability. Configuration often includes multicast, inter-VLAN routing, access control, ether-channels, port mirroring, stacking and other advanced configuration technics to obtain the best from each switch. For example, the Cisco 3750E offers stacking and switching at up to 175gbps and power to run even the most demanding PoE equipment. Most Cisco switches come with a lifetime warranty and FCS support will keep them running at top performance for many years to come.

Wireless Networking:

FCS is proud to offer the full line of Cisco wireless access points, bridges and wireless network controllers. Cisco access points provide up to 300mbps of throughput using the new N access points which today are no more expensive than the older g access points. Cisco access points provide unsurpassed coverage, performance and reliability. They are well worth the extra money spent over lesser products especially with coverage and saturation are critical issues. Cisco bridges enable FCS to extend the network to areas that are not easily reached such as a second building. Cisco wireless network controllers turn the many access points into a single unified wireless network supporting load balancing, performance tuning, single point of configuration, a guest network and much more.

Router :

FCS is proud to offer the full line of Cisco and Adtran routers. Cisco is the choice when performance and feature set is paramount. Adtran is a good choice where cost and reliability are the most important factors. The Cisco routers do everything from advanced routing, access control, fault tolerance, load balancing, remote access and very fast routing for large Internet circuits.