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Security with Friedman Computer Solutions, Inc.

will perform a complete security audit, make recommendations for improving you network security and implement the approved recommendations that may include configuring the firewall or tightening LAN and remote access security.

Security Audit and Planning:

A security audit is essentially an assessment of how effectively the organization's security policy is being implemented. FCS audits computer, and network activities in a focused, efficient manner. FCS auditors perform their work though personal interviews, vulnerability scans, examination of operating system settings, analyses of network shares, and historical data. Features of a security audit include:
  • Advanced audit policy settings.
  • Global object access auditing, which allows administrators to define system access control lists (SACLs) for an entire computer file system or registry.


Firewalls make it possible to filter incoming and outgoing traffic that flows through your system. A firewall can use one or more sets of "rules" to inspect the network packets as they come in or go out of your network connections and either allows the traffic through or blocks it. The rules of a firewall can inspect one or more characteristics of the packets, including but not limited to the protocol type, the source or destination host address, and the source or destination port.

Firewalls can greatly enhance the security of a host or a network. They can be used to do one or more of the following things:

  • To protect and insulate the applications, services and machines of your internal network from unwanted traffic coming in from the public Internet.

  • To limit or disable access from hosts of the internal network to services of the public Internet.

  • To support network address translation (NAT), which allows your internal network to use private IP addresses and share a single connection to the public Internet (either with a single IP address or by a shared pool of automatically assigned public addresses).

Web Content Filtering:

Why Use Web Content Filters?

All schools are required to provide a high level of Internet Web Content Filtering to be in compliance with CIPA, the Children's Internet Protection Act. Other organizations need content filtering to protect their network from inviting in malware and to keep employees from going inappropriate site.

FCS offers a wide range of quality, best in class, content filtering products..

The Barracuda Web Filter Appliance is an integrated content filtering, application blocking and malware protection solution that is powerful, easy to use and affordable for businesses of all sizes. It enforces Internet usage policies by blocking access to Web sites and Internet applications that are not related to business, and it easily and completely eliminates spyware and other forms of malware from your organization. No more productivity loss trying to repair computers or make computers usable again.

  • Blocks access to Web sites based on domain, URL pattern, or content category
  • Permissions can be set up by user or user groups Blocks downloads based on file type
  • Blocks applications that access the Internet, including IM, music services, and software update utilities
  • Integrates with "safe search" filters built into popular images search engines
  • Provides integrated gateway and desktop spyware protection
  • Uses Barracuda Web Security Agents compatible with Windows PC's and Macs to enforce Internet policies on off-network computers.
The SonicWALL Firewall enables the subscription to a content filtering service built into every SonicWall firewall. There is no need to purchase another appliance and it doesn't take processing capacity or space on a server. This highly rated product will protect the LAN from malware and inappropriate sites by categories that range from offensive types of content such as "Violence," to sites that may not be offensive but would otherwise eat up bandwidth or destroy employee productivity, such as "Software downloads", "Streaming Media/MP3", "Social Networking" or "Shopping". The SonicWall content filter supports different configurations paced on Active Directory users and groups or on the Sonicwall user database.

Anti-X solutions and Appliances:

Anti-X solution allows enterprises to make full use of the Internet without the risk and costs associated with infections and threats impacting client systems. Combining enterprise-grade firewall and high-quality malware protection. Series Anti-X Edition delivers a powerful all-in-one solution that provides strong protection and control for business network communications, stops network threats including viruses, worms, spyware, spam and phishing, and controls unwanted mail and Web content while reducing the operational costs and complexity of deploying and managing multiple point solutions.

Surveillance Systems:

FCS surveillance systems bring security camera products and remote video to your place of work or business. Monitor your store, office, restaurant or warehouse remotely. Supervise employees while away from your business. Watch security camera activities anywhere worldwide. A DVR digital surveillance system offers live remote video monitoring from home or another computer. Digitally record up to 3 months or longer and retrieve archived DVR video instantly.