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Video with Friedman Computer Solutions, Inc.
Video Distribution

Video Streaming:

SAFARI Montage gives schools, teachers and students access to a wide variety of quality programming without limited access to popular video programs. Safari helps avoid lost videos, or the need for multiple formats for different users within the school. Its video streaming feature offers support of various video input channels: CATV, Video Camera, DVD, etc.

Video Conferencing:

Video conferencing is no longer an elite option for the fortunate few, but rather an anytime/anyplace learning tool for every school. With the SAFARI Montage interactive videoconferencing system, school districts can enable their educators to connect and collaborate with colleagues and students like never before - easily and affordably. Video conferencing by SAFARI Montage requires minimal training and technical support, but allows you to save money with Virtual Field Trips, on Distance Learning and on Professional Development.

TV/ Video Studio:

Create a professional quality Video Studio to broadcast over the SAFARI network and/or record to the SAFARI Video on Demand Server by connecting one or more video cameras and a mic to a SAFARI Montage video encoder. There is even a portable video encoder to provide video broadcast anywhere there is an Internet connection. Use it for morning video announcements, broadcast a sports event, school play, create in-house training videos or any other creative use for your own video studio.

Distance Learning:

SAFARI Montage offers a great solution to provide reliable school - to - school or school - to - home education with its distance learning option. It also offers option of virtual field trips which replace costly traditional field trips, while preserving the essence of the experience for students. It helps connect remote students with teachers efficiently and economically.

Video On Demand:

SAFARI Montage offers Video-On-Demand feature which can be used by either teachers or students. Students can select short portions of programs to insert into PowerPoint presentations or in other multimedia presentations, or can just use these programs as sources when doing research projects. Teachers can now seamlessly integrate rich video and images into their curriculum to increase student engagement and retention. Safari offers a large library of video clips on a variety of school subjects including the History Channel, National Geographic, Scholastic, Disney Education, BBC, and more.

Create your own curriculum:

SAFARI Montage allows you to upload your own supplemental documents to associate with your content, or hyperlink to a document on the Internet or your intranet/extranet. Supplemental documents can include a teacher's guide, a data sheet, and an additional document of your choosing. Attachments can be of nearly any format, including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe PDF, and image formats such as GIF, JPEG, and BMP. In addition, districts with the SAFARI Montage Creation Station module can upload and share their own content to allow students and parents to view from home.

Creation Station:

With new feature called 'Creation Station', SARAI Montage allows teachers to upload files from home to a central server. CreationStation enables uploads and storage of newly created recorded digital video, and permits administrators or teachers to meta-tag and apply DRM to content,

Remote Control:

SAFARI Montage Media Player controls makes it easy to toggle between inputs and use a single virtual remote control for all devices. Remote control for the device allows user to control playback features of this device as if the device was in the user's room. Remote Control eliminates the need for juggling multiple remotes and replacing batteries, and is never misplaced.