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VOIP with Friedman Computer Solutions, Inc.
VoIP Telephony

FCS offers the full-featured top rated Cisco Voice over IP phone system which is the phone system of choice by most fortune 1000 companies and many school districts. FCS also offers a full range of PA, paging, bell and teleconferencing systems. All VoIP products are highly rated, come with full warranties and service. Many are extremely cost effective for smaller schools and organizations.

Phone System:

The Cisco Unified Communications VoIP PBX supports from 8 to 196 extensions, up to 24 phone lines and an option for Internet and/or standard PSTN phone service. Included in the base system is auto-attendant, voicemail, music on hold, intercom, paging, teleconference bridge, call forwarding, follow-me, call groups, easy configuration, speed dial and many more state of the art features.

Cisco Phones:

Cisco offers an incredible array of phones. They include color, touch screen, high quality full-duplex, and noise cancelling speaker phones, wireless wifi phones, video phones and much more. Some Cisco VoIP phones are also surprisingly inexpensive and all are best of breed.

Call Accounting:

FCS offers a few call accounting add-on systems that add features like call tracking, monitoring, reporting and more..

CTI (Computer Telephonic Interface):

The Cisco PBX comes with hooks to interfacing the phone call with Outlook, ACT and many other 3rd party CRM software applications. The user can initiate a call by clicking on the contact on the PC screen and when receiving a call, the interfaced application will display the caller's full record. This adds efficiency and productivity for all types of organizations.

Remote Sites:

The Cisco system is designed to work easily with teleworkers working from home, hotel or a small remote office just as if they were in the same building. It is also easy to network Cisco PBXs together from different offices into one large, seamless system.

PA and Bell Systems:

FCS offers a full range of excellent Public Address systems. These systems include multiple zones, talk-back speakers, and programmable bell and auto announcement systems. FCS PA systems interface with the Cisco phone system and can be controlled from any phone.